Building Materials

GMTC is a combination of a large trading house with a parallel integration of complementary manufacturing units around it, what is a unique business model. GMTC enjoys exclusivity to many leading brands, from companies who have come to trust GMTC's capabilities and vision which makes it a leading Building Materials Company in Qatar.

  1. Building Materials Trading
    • Deformed Steel
    • Bitumen Boards
    • Structural Steel
    • Bitumen Boards
    • Film Faced Plywood
    • Laminates / Edge-bands
    • White Woods
    • Wire Mesh
    • Hardwoods
    • Tubular Chip Boards
    • Block Boards
    • Commercial Plywood

  2. Partition & False Ceiling
    • Gypsum Boards
    • False Ceiling Suspensions
    • Cement Boards
    • Ceiling Tiles
    • Plastering Accessories
    • Drywall Screws
    • Insulation
    • Threaded Rods

  3. All Types of Structural Steel

  4. All Types of Hardware

  5. All Types of Construction tools.